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“More than what you know, what you do, or what you have… what really matters most in this life is what you become.” — Michael R. Cariño

Michael Carino 2015

My vision is to help reproduce transformational leaders in the Philippines, Asia, and beyond.  

As a motivational SPEAKER, I encourage people to overcome their fears, pursue their dreams, and live their lives for the highest and the best. I believe that we become excellent and successful people when we fully understand that we are meant for greatness and significance.

As a life COACH, I empower people to become the best that they can be, helping them make positive decisions that will navigate their destinies. I journey with people who feel lost and give them a road map to a full and meaningful life.

As a leadership MENTOR, I help people explore, encounter, and experience hope amidst pain and difficulties in life.  The best things in life are not achieved by what we have or what we do, but by what we become.

As a MISSIONARY, I embrace people who are wounded, rejected, dirty, messed up, and broken, pointing them to the One who can restore us from our hopelessness, redeem us from our failures, and rescue us from our mess.


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